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ZmackWorks Applied Improv

Personal and Career Development

Designing and delivering corporate training, facilitation, life and career coaching, and personal/professional development courses using the principles of improvisation and other respected and recognized training and facilitation methods.

ZmackWorks uses Applied Improvisation techniques combined with tried-and-true training, coaching and facilitation methods; focused on the needs of organizations. We seek to help corporate customers to build trust and resolve conflicts, gain acceptance and buy-in, develop winning teams as well as to drive creativity and innovation. Our areas of focus include Leadership Development, Innovation and Change, Diversity and Inclusion, Communication Skills, Strategic Facilitation (Teambuilding), and Role-Play.

Our clients find our methods refreshing and effective.

ZmackWorks offers several Applied Improv Facilitators and Trainers, each with different areas of focus. Many are available to deliver in English, Chinese, or French.

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ZmackWorks | China | Zmack Improv Shanghai

Each program is bespoke, designed for the client to address the presenting needs. As improvisers, however, we remain in the moment, prepared to adjust each program for maximum effect as it progresses.


ZmackWorks also regularly offers public personal development workshops, such as Presentation Skills, Leadership and Trust, Cross Cultural Communication, Storytelling, and more.

ZmackWorks | China | Zmack Improv Shanghai



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