In 2016, Zmack's creative director Julien creates a regular show called "twoprov", in which pairs of improvisers create entire acts based on an audience suggestion.

Twoprov acts showcase the connection and chemistry between two actors as they have nothing but each other to rely on for 20 to 40 minutes.

The idea came after Charna Halpern was our godmother here in Shanghai for the third improv festival in 2016, and told Julien and Aron Garcia (now back in the USA) to perform together. They did two shows called "No Titles".

When Zmack traveled to Chicago, they watched a TJ & Dave performance in awe of the actors, and Julien got the last kick to start a regular twoprov show.

Many duos were then born, notably The Nerves (Julien and Anthony), but also You & Curt (Curt and a surprise(d) guest), Zeldaprov (Charmika and Zach), and many more - see below.

For more information about twoprov duo The Nerves, click here.

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Zmack improv shanghai twoprov

Twoprov duos

Alphabetical order

Bad Decisions (Alex & Zach)

八零九零 [80s90s] (Chen & Elva)

Barefoot (Marie & Terry)

Coffee Cups (Charmika & Julien)

Cold Dishes (Alistair & Browder)

Giants (Alba & Dola)

Gnerds (Anthony & Curt)

Good Morning (Lilian & Mila)

Happy To Be Here (Anthony & Brian)

Hot Water 热水 (Elva & Curt)

- (Brian & Browder)

The Loushan Bros (Numan & Zach)

LY (Emily & Kelly)

The Nerves (Anthony & Julien)

No Titles (Aaron & Julien)

Sound Blue (Curt & Julien)

YiPaiEr (Chen & Curt)

You & Curt (Curt & a surprise(d) guest)

The Zaza's (Alba & Siegfried)

Zeldaprov (Charmika & Zach)




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