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Zmack Improv Theater Shanghai

Providing professional quality improv theater performances in multiple languages in Shanghai at little to no cost to a growing community.

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Our House Teams

Currently, Zmack comprises of 5 regularly performing teams

Zmack improv theater shanghai


Mon-Daze is a short-form improv comedy group with high energy! 
Be ready for a dazzling show!


Snap! is a musical improv group, in which the songs themselves are also improvised!

Zmack improv theater shanghai
Zmack improv theater shanghai

ZhiMaKong (Sesame Addicts)

ZhiMaKong is our popular Chinese-language improv team, poking fun at social trends and adapting improv to the Chinese culture.

Pinyin In The Woods (PITW)

Our trilingual team (English, Chinese, and French) wows audiences with their fast-paced polyglot members and demonstrates that comedy is a universal language!

Zmack improv theater shanghai
Zmack improv theater shanghai

Zut Alors!

Zut Alors is our very successful and friendly French-language group, entertaining the ever-growing francophone community of Shanghai. Click here for more info.

Line x Line (former team)​

People come and go, but we'll never forget Line x Line, the team which added a long-form improv act with recurring characters being voted in for the next show by the audience.

Zmack improv theater shanghai
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