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Zmack improv Shanghai


For over 10 years, Zmack has been honored to play with the people of Shanghai. We’ve grown from a few people having a workshop to a truly international family of over 40 professional level improvisational actors from dozens of countries and cultural backgrounds.


Zmack is shows, improv classes and workshops with the ZITC, and Applied Improv Consulting and Facilitation with ZmackWorks. Plus we are growing beyond Shanghai, with a new Zmack base in Bangkok and Zmackers all across the world representing our mission – To use improvisation to connect, affect, and inspire people in this Improv we call Life.


The Zmack Family is more than shows, classes, corporate trainings, actors, students and fans – we are genuinely a family in Shanghai.

And we welcome you to our Family.


Curt Mabry

Founder, Zmack

Zmack Shanghai Improv

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