【Saturday 25th April 8:30PM】EPIC COMEDY

See the Zmackers create a universe from one simple word
Saturday 25th April 8:30PM 100rmb includes drink周六4月25日晚上8点半
5/F Masse’,219 JinXian Rd Near Shanxi Rd进贤路219弄5楼,近陕西南路
The Zmackers return to Shanghai Comedy Club with MORE of their new long form improv style! If you missed the Zmackmagushi show last month, no worries – this one will kick it up a notch!
See your favorite Zmack short-form games, then settle back with a delicious cocktail from Masse’. You’ll be amazed as you watch an entirely new ‘sitcom’ unfold before your eyes – all from a one-word suggestion.
PLUS of course the legendary Zmack Family Improv Jam after the show!
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Zmack Improv Comedy
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Zmack’s Improv 101 Class is now Open!CLASSES BEGIN SUNDAY 12 APRIL!

Come try improv at our IMPROV4EVERYONE workshops, and learn more about how YOU can join Improv 101!

Come learn how funny you can be… And be our next improv comedy star!

Improv 101
Each Sunday afternoon


Students limit 8-12

Only 2spaces left!


Each session of class will be 3000RMB,please contact us and sign in NOW to get discount.
Email curt@zmack.net or leave message here.
IMPROV 101: Introduction to Improv Theater
You’ll learn the basics of improvisational comedy, and the philosophy of improv is something you can take into all parts of your life. Topics include AGREEMENT, TRUST, CHIVALRY AND GENEROSITY, ACTIVE LISTENING, RISK TAKING, GUESSING AND ENDOWMENTS, CHARACTER AND SCENE WORK, AUDIENCE INTERACTION and more! You’ll improve your confidence, speaking ability, listening ability and meet the greatest bunch of friends you can imagine. Plus it all finishes with a show where YOU are the star!
Class address:
New Halls of Ivy
Room A-3302, Da Zhong Finance Tower
1033 West Yan’An Road, near Wuyi Lu


THE QUEST – Transformational Improv Workshop

Chicago improviser JEANNE LAMBIN returns with this all new improv workshop that just might change your life!

Curious to learn more about improvisation and how it can be applied beyond the stage to life, work and play? Then join The Quest, a 24-hour improvisational journey and get ready for an insight-filled adventure! The Quest encourages participants to:
· take the improvisational mindset normally reserved for the stage, out into the world,
· maintain that way of thinking for a twenty-four hour period,
· explore what happens as a result of that approach and
· reflect on what was discovered during the experience,
· come together and through casual conversation and storytelling, share those experiences and insights discovered during that process.

The skills learned during The Quest and the insights revealed as a result are truly powerful.

Developed by the late, great improv guru Del Close, and described by participants as, “completely transformational,” The Quest can help you be more present and attentive, become a more engaged listener, be more open to new experiences and understand the significance of the larger patterns that unfold on the stage or in your life.

It all happens at LUCCA CAFÉ over two incredible nights:
Friday, April 17, 7:30-9:30 PM The Initiation Ceremony
Participants will be introduced to the exercise and learn what improv skills are needed to enjoy it. Then, the lucky participants will be given their signs and symbols and be let loose on the world for their own, twenty-four hour improvisational adventure.
Tuesday, April 21, 7:00-9:30PM The Gathering
Following completion of The Quest, and reflecting upon it, participants will gather for a grand storytelling-insight-swapping-fun-filled extravaganza and as if that isn’t enough, completion medallions will be awarded.
Only 16 spaces available
Register TODAY!
Advance payment by April 11 – 200RMB
(At the door, 300RMB – subject to availability)
You need not have experience with improvisation; all you need is an open-mind, a desire to learn, and a willingness to participate.
To register or for more information, please contact thejeannelambin@gmail.com or message us here at Zmack!
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Zmack Improv Comedy
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