The No-ZMACK Show

4 Hilarious Improv shows in one!


“THERE IS NO MORE TEAM NAMED ZMACK.” This statement puzzled the packed crowd at Jalapeno during our Chicago Triumphant Return show two weeks ago, and now we are ready to reveal what we have been working on – FOUR things we have been working on in fact!

Beginning in October, Zmack House teams will perform EVERY Saturday night at Shanghai Comedy Club at Jalapeno! A different team and a different show every week – and each one with a unique improv style!

Don’t miss Saturday at Jalapeno for the ZMACK HOUSE TEAM SHOWCASE, introducing you to THREE new Zmack teams and one fam favorite!

Prepare yourself for a different take on live theater. A show that is created WITH you, not AT you! Using your very own ideas, lovely audience member, watch Elva, Steven, Alex, Kelly, Punk, Karel and Anthony invent an unscripted show right in front of you. No two SPEAK Up shows will ever be the same, so come see them all!

Seven ordinary people, one extraordinary improv experience. When you see Brian, Mila, Lilian, Browder, Alistair, Erik, and Emily take the stage, you know the comedy will be anything but straightforward. You'll want to queue up for Line X Line as they transport you to a world you helped them create.

The Sesame Addicts: Lilian, Elva, Brian, Siegfried, Alba, Jingwen, Abi,and Chen! This crowd of multinational comrades explores the ins and outs of improvisational theatre in Chinese! Though melding languages and cultures, ZhiMaKong brings one of the most unexpected and knee-slapping antics you're going to find in Shanghai. Come for the novelty. Stay for the laughs.

Music. Improv. Two great tastes that taste great together! Join Jen, Julien, Zach, Charmika, Mark and Curt as their accompanist and coach Lee sets them on course of hilarious improvised scenes and songs – it’s a full musical comedy every show! SNAP, BABY!



团队SPEAK Up, 团队7名成员,他们绝对不是靠嘴的!

团队LING X LINE, 你来看他们的演出是要派对的哦!因为他们在台上创作的场景是需要你们一起参与的!


团队 Snap,是Zmack旗下的音乐团队, 对的他们除了即兴演出之外还即兴演唱!宝贝们来和他们一起打响指吧!

Saturday, September 24th


Jalapeno Directions

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