Train The Trainer Workshop Series

Improv has leapt from the theater to the training room, as companies such as Disney, Coca-Cola, Google, Apple, Decathlon, Louis Vuitton and more use APPLIED IMPROVISATION training for communication skills, innovation and creativity, presentation skills, teambuilding and more!

Improv philosophy trains us to remain IN THE MOMENT and be FULLY PRESENT, to respect those you COMMUNICATE with and better COLLABORATE. It helps turn crisis into OPPORTUNITY, and brings FUN and ACTIVE EXPERIENTIAL LEARNING into training and coaching.

What will you learn?

This week we explore the principle of ACTIVE ACCEPTANCE -it's a lot more than just positivity! We will understand this through games and exercises that YOU can adapt for your trainings and events – plus, you’ll work with other trainers, facilitators and coaches to explore the myriad ways Applied Improvisation can be used in your field of expertise!

Each week we focus on one of the 7 Building Blocks of Improvisation: agreement, trust, active listening, chivalry, presence, authenticity, committment.

Designed for

  • Trainers
  • Facilitators
  • Coaches
  • Learning and Development Managers
  • HR Directors

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ZMACK Works workshop

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Your facilitator: CURT MABRY

Internationally recognized improvisational actor and Applied Improv Facilitator Originally from the American South, Curt has lived and worked in China for 9 years. Curt has worked as a TV host for the Fox TV network, a radio journalist, a theatrical actor, and a professional singer. In China, this passion has led to teaching and training others in improvisational theater. In 2009, he founded Zmack, which has grown from being an amateur improvisational comedy team to become Shanghai’s brand for comedy. The Zmack Family performs and teaches improv theater in Shanghai and throughout China and Asia, and will perform in a tour of Chicago in summer 2016.

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