Life is improvised

Improv (pronounced like the word improvise, up to the letter v) is a form of theatre where actors create scenes based on their training and experience but without a script or screenplay. The shows are normally based on suggestions from the audience, used to inspire the actors. An audience suggestion of 'apple' may inspire the actors to play a scene about a relationship that started via smartphone, a scene about a bunch of village children stealing from a farmer, or about an artist who explores the meaning of fruit in their paintings. Anything is possible!

Keep Calm and Improvise poster

One type of games we play is short form games. These are normally about 5-minute scenes that include elements of games like guessing, being able to use only some movements or words, having to repeat things and change them during the repetition, or singing while you make up the lyrics. Short may involve audience members as guest participants and often ends up being funny.

Long form scenes are stories told in the form of a short, one-act play. There are fewer games and gags but narratives often take you to wacky worlds and bend the rules of reality. ZMACK's long-form is called LOLA and is a 25-minute mini-play, normally put on in the second half of our shows.